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Autumn Term



The children in LKS2 have a daily 1-hour maths session, followed by a 10-15 minute maths meeting in the afternoon. Maths meetings are taken from the Maths Mastery approach being taught in EY, KS1 and Year 3. Our maths meetings are focused on mathematical concepts that need to be revisited throughout the curriculum. We engage all learners with songs, chants, problems and questions.



Literacy – Writing, Spelling and Grammar

In LKS2 children have a 1hour literacy lesson. Within these lessons, children are taught a range of genres in accordance with the National Curriculum. Every lesson starts with children practicing their keywords and handwriting, followed by a grammar activity. Each lesson focuses on exploring the genre being taught, how to use this t plan their own writing and finally edit their own writing. LKS2 children have a 10-minute spelling/phonic session later in the morning, where the children learn about the spelling rules or phonics code being taught in that week. Children participate in understanding the spelling rule, use dictionaries to find definitions, add the relevant rule (prefixes or suffixes) to root words and spot the mistake. Each week children are assessed on the new spelling rule or phonic code with a spelling test. Grammar is taught through out the week and where necessary to embed the relevant grammar element for their writing.

Children have been improving their own writing using checklist and success criteria. Pupils are encourage to edit their own work with brown /pink pens and peer support each other to be better writers.

The children write in many different genres based on our topic theme.


In LKS2 children like the whole school are expected to read 3 times a week to an adult at home. The ‘Reading Rainbow’ challenge we have promotes children to read more at home and in school. Children record their reading in their reading challenge book, gain stickers and certificates for every 4 weeks of reading and move along the reading rainbow from the cloud to the pot of gold. Children read with an adult two to three times a week in LKS2, 1:1, in small groups or with the teacher in guided reading.


Following the ‘Cornerstones Curriculum’ we develop on the topics taught in KS1. We follow the creative curriculum based on the 4 stages; engage, develop, innovate and express. This half term our topic is ‘ Mighty Metals’.

Mighty Metals

This topic is based heavily on science. The children enjoyed going to the park to explore forces (push, pull and friction) and carrying out different investigations in the classroom.


Some of Year A topics


We have learnt about tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s crust, the different layers of the Earth and how volcanoes are formed. The children had opportunities to learn about natural disasters including Tsunamis, life in Pompeii and what it would be like living near a volcano.

As part of our topic work children have used percussion instruments to compose and play music based upon a storm. Children have been learning how to work collaboratively to meet group’s goals.

All of Year 3 and 4 completed an Innovate challenge where groups worked independently as teams on creating an informational display. Children created posters, fact sheets, quizzes and animation showing what they have learnt and the skills they have developed.

We invited KS1 to visit our presentations as part of our Express stage of the curriculum and parents came in after viewing homework to see the amazing displays.


The children have enjoyed this topic and have learnt a lot about different foods, food groups and healthy choices. In the next few weeks we look forward to sampling foods to make choices, develop recipes for our own smoothies and promoting healthy eating. Look at our amazing topic work.


Homework challenges continue to inspire and develop our learning. Homework covered a wide range of topics to engage children in research, learning vocabulary and creating exciting models of volcanoes. Take a look at your homework.